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What would make me happy
I go through depression over many things
Including not accepting self being gay because what family would think of me
And my grandfather who died when I was 5's death

Draw him
I just love seeing His face
This is the only picture of him I have :
The one the way he looked before death in about 2006 or 2007

Please do this for me
I will never want anything except to see

No art isn't good enough
I want something that cancer took away
To be able to talk to my grandfather to hug him
I'm feeling much better so you better be listening to some retro jazz or blues or swing or rag ... Or Dixie melody cuz Eccentricity comes back when I'm not depressed
The Bronyshock Infinite Song

I had never seen The Brony Fandom!

Shining like a beacon in the Dark!

I had never felt this Time-Distorting High

Until I joined the herd...

( The Herd....)

And a One
And a Two
And a One Two 6000!

Let's begin this story on the Internet ,

With a Pony RP game being played
Find a fandom for a show ya like
Is it me or arnt Ponies Not just for gals!

Now let's stroll Through fimfic like

To the sound of Internet Trolls with Fancy Acting !

Yes the Critics how they make ya cry like the rain!

Ain't This sad?
Shouldn't I leave-

No !

The Bronies burden isn't chappen
My hide!

Whenever you ( whenever you...)

Are all by my side!
( by my side !)

Because You-

Filled the tear in my Heart!
( My Dear Friends)

Filled The Tear in my Heart!

When I came to Say Hi
Who'd a Thunk it That I
Would Find Many Pals!
( My Pals!)

But Then You-

Filled The Tear in My Heart!
( You Rusty)

Filled The Tear in My Heart

Or better or worse
Across The Whole Ponyverse

You will Always Be My Pals!

Log onto a frightening chat service Site
And we'll suddenly be banned for being

Keep your eye upon the fimfic ban
Because it's a Pain in The Ass!

Will I make it Back Alive
Various Times Will Tell!

I ain't hep to The Trolls
And their anarchy Jive

I'll swig a jigger of hatred and burn em alive
We'll Hear a Whole Lot of Things
( We Simply Don't Understand!)

In this Ponified Depression Disneyland!

Even a ban to the face couldn't slow down
My stride!

Whenever you... ( whenever you)

Are by my side!
( all by my side!)

Because You

Filled The Tear in My Heart
( My Bronies!)

Filled a Tear in My Heart-

Gotta pay back some debts and My comrade ya bet ,
Ya bet I shall! ( pay it back I shall!)

Oh yes, you filled a tear in my heart
( My Dear Friend)

Filled a tear in my heart!
In every single branch of the depths of my heart

There Will Always be all of you and there will always be me!

So even at the bottom of the deep.. Blue sea!

You will Always.. Be... My pals!
Ok, Due to it having mistakes. And the urge to express how much I god damn love this fandom

Here's corrected version
I listen to my feel good song

The Bioshock infinite song

I love it because - not cuz I'm racist


It's so catchy and cute
And... I love barbershop quartets


* starts movie projector

Song music video…


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United States
I'm DanTheBrony, Music Meister fan, brony, leader of The Music Meister fandom's of google+ and


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